Saturday, February 2, 2008

Finally, some more photos!

Hello Again!

I think I have finally figured out the USB storage device attachment for my computer. Apparently it makes a big difference if you put you disc in back to front or not! At least, I hope that is all there is to it. I've taken two lots of photos today and managed to download both. Maybe I will become an expert at this. (I'm sure my kids are laughing because it is so simple for them!)

I had a bad day yesterday with a little bug so decided just to take things easy today and do a bit of garage sale shopping. I think Americans might refer to garage sales as yard sales which is quite often a more apt description because most things are strewn around the yard.

Anyway, today I had a lovely time browsing and buying. I have included some photos of my finds. I've gotten to the age where I finally bargain on prices as I normally go looking towards the end of the sale time. Today, however, I went earlier and actually felt a little guilty when I asked for cheaper prices as the objects where already a steal. I am told though that that is the way to go about garage saling and I know when I have had the odd sale that people are only willing to buy for ridiculously low prices so in the end I don't feel too bad doing the same. What do you think about bargaining? I'd love to hear your comments.

Did I tell you that I just moved house a few weeks ago. Well, things are slowly getting into their correct places although I don't expect the finished product for a while yet. I would really love to get my craft room organised as I have a few commissions for friends and family to finish. Maybe, just maybe, the room will be good enough to share with you. I did my bedroom a couple of days ago and it is so tidy that I am scared to sleep in it for fear of wrecking it! Only kidding.



I think I will leave you today with a couple of photos of the view across the street.

Really there are houses somewhere over there too but I just love to appreciate the good bits and ignore the ugly.


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