Thursday, May 22, 2008

Love it, love it!

Hello again!

I do. I love this bag, even if only because I hardly had to do any work on it. It is actually a near new pinafore from the throw out bag of a friend. I just rearranged the straps, sewed them down , cut a bit of the bottom and french seamed it. Hey presto! One chic laptop bag! (that needs a good press.)

Here is another bag made to use instead of the green bag when you only have a couple of things to buy. (Therefore not useful to many of us. LOL) It was an experimental bag and is really a lot redder than it appears in the photo. I think I should have inserted a stiffener at the top between the straps.

The bag has a different look which is a good idea but I think I should have used similar quality material as on the front. O well, live and learn. It is still useful and was given to a friend of a friend.


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  1. I love it too, esp. the pinafore bag, so cute!


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