Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy days!

Actually, it's more like cold days but I didn't know what else to call the post. I guess if you live in Europe or the Americas you don't think 5 or 6 degrees celcius in the night and 18 or 20 in the day to be cold but here on the New South Wales mid north coast we think it is almost freezing. And we can soon expect even colder days and nights. So in order to stop our little bit of heat escaping out the lounge room windows I have decided to make some curtains. Of course, they won't be lined or anything but they will be a barrier of sorts and also keep nosey neighbours eyes out at night.

So far this what I have come up with. I visited our local curtain shop and picked up 5 metres of lovely fabric for a mere $10. Everything else I needed to completed these curtains was at home so I was delighted with them. I still am but now I realise that when they are pulled across they have no fullness. Well, what can a girl do but spend another huge $10 and get 10 metres instead of 5. That's what I should have done in the first place but it wasn't garage sale day when I made my first buy. Today I have to cut them out and sew them up and I can't think of anything worse to do, however I will because we have visitors tomorrow evening. Hopefully they will look good enough to show you soon.

Do you like my new picture? It is just what I needed to fill that last space in our living area above the dining table.

And this is how much it cost!! How could I possibly say no!

O and one more bag. It doesn't look great in this picture because it is already wrinkled from use but I just love it - so much so that I am not going to share it with anyone else but you, even though the handles are just a tad too short to be really comfortable.



  1.´s summertime in Germany and the temperature rises to 16 - 18° C and actually during the nights we have about 7 - 10 degrees. It is summer, but toooooo cold - crazy wheather! It is almost raining and the children are frustrated, because they have school holidays and they are hoping for better conditions.
    No camping, no swimming in the pool only sitting around and staring out of the window in to the grey sky!

    Your bag is great, even if the handles are short!!



  2. Hi Willywagtail - so nice to get your comment and I am delighted that you have benefited from my Rabaul photos.
    A number of ex-residents have visited me and said the same thing.

    Great to make another connection and I will enjoy reading your previous posts.

    Keep in touch

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! What a fun blog you have -- and I love the new bag you're showing on this post -- beautiful fabric!

  4. No, 18-20 degrees is not cold in Norway, in fact such a temperature is considered a nice summer´s day one here. And the night temperature can drop down to even less than 5-6 degrees during a summer night. Luckily, the moment, we do have lovely and warm weather, with temperatures up to 30 degrees forecasted for the weekend (considered hot here!).

    Thank you for you lovely comment in my blog. And what a treat to have found your lovely one. I love your new bag.

  5. I love the bag so much! This one is my favourite but all on the blog looks so nice... :)


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