Saturday, August 16, 2008

Here tis!

Yes. It is another bag! The orders just keep coming. This one is for daughter number 2. She chose both fabrics as well as the flower appliques and buttons. The outside black is just homespun with a piece of vintage brushed knit to give it some definition. This is also helped by having a firm material for the lining. It has three zippered pockets as well as one for her mobile and a couple of pens. Despite the fact that I haven't used expensive fabrics except for the green, I have told her she has to look after it as it is an expensive bag. All that time on putting in zippered pockets for the safety of her valuables - just because I haven't worked out yet how to insert a zip at the top!!

I allow my daughters to tell me the exact length they want their handles which makes them very comfortable to use.

About half a year ago I promised a little six year old boy a bag with a green owl on it because I had made his sister a couple. Today I finally gave it to him. He immediately loked inside for pockets which weren't there as I had just made a morsbag with no lining. He was happy, though, when I pointed out the big one on the outside which has a secret pocket at the back of the owl.

Now I just need to finish off my black shopping bag but I seem to have run out of pep or something.


  1. I love bags these are fabulous! Good idea for your daughter to choose her own fabrics and she chose so well too. Lovely flowers with different centers what an eye catcher. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Adorable bags. Love the applique and colors. Really cute projects and a pleasure to browse.


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