Saturday, October 4, 2008

Home Again!!

Wouldn't you know it! I have actually been home for a week now but after all that relaxing I felt to stressed to post! (Only kidding. I have really been mucking about with my header and was too ashamed to show the world the mess I had made.)

Well it was a lovely holiday. I met loads of old friends and made new ones too. We shopped, o how we shopped. I enjoyed the company of my daughters mechanic far too many times but we still got to go sightseeing (and more shopping). The art museum in the Noah's ark size building was our main cultural experience. It is well worth a trip there to see how far advanced some nations were even thousands of years ago - a good argument in favour of creation over evolution.

Then there was the wedding, train and tram and bus trips and of course the ever faithful local library where I caught up with some books I had not read before. My daughters landlady gave me free Bowen therapy treatments leading to more freedom in my health and also shared her stash of new and not so new magazines with me so that I have discovered that Notebook is the only magazine worth buying. (It's pages are filled with real information not just gloss overs.

We had a quick peek down China town so DD2 could remember it.

On the return trip from Albury to Melbourne we got caught in that dust storm. Each drop of rain brought down zillions of orange dust particles and of course the water for the wipers had to run out at that time so we were just rubbing mud over the window.

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  1. Glad you are back!!! The dust storm looks amazing. we used to get these in western Qld - the dust just seemed to come thru the walls my Mum would say as we spend days dusting everything!!!


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