Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thrifted bedside table

I've only got a tiny gap on one side of my bed - a mere 17 cms or not quite 7 inches - not enough to fit any furniture. I have been racking my brain for the past ten months trying to think of what I could do, short of attaching a shelf to the wall, to give myself a side table here.

Finally, I found an old round table unceremoniously dumped on it's back on the curb ready for the garbage truck. I saw it as as I drove past but it took considerable courage and bravado to go up and wrench the legs off. Yesterday I located my trusty hacksaw (don't know where the jack saw is and broke my last jigsaw blade cutting down a lemon tree!) and cut the lower section off so that the legs are just below the height of the bed. It was nice and easy to cut using an indentation as a guide.These little extra bits will get painted and should make nice candle stick holders.
Here they are dry in the kitchen sink drainer - where else does a girl do her woodwork but in the kitchen - much cosier than a cold, smelly shed!
To start with, I expected to use all four legs but hadn't realised that the top of the legs have been cut at an angle to make the original table sturdy. Anyway, when the first two were attached towards the front corners, I discovered that if leaned against a firm surface such as a wall the whole contraption stands firmly. I think it looks like a miniauture fire surround and mantel. A pity only the very top will show!
It fits just perfectly and will help no end with sorting out all my bedside reading and study material.



  1. I love what you've done with those 'legs'. My Aunt had a dressing table with legs like that but the top was a half moon shape and when she changed the look of it she added cutains to the front so that she stow more books underneath. Great courage in rescuing the legs in the first place. It's turned out really nicely.

  2. Wow it is amazing. I love a bit of furniture recycling...it's so much more fun than just buying something from one of those huge furniture chain stores.

  3. nice table.........good work.........very nice legs.......

  4. Yer I love Legs too
    what wrong with dowing woodwork in a shed that is were im banished to

    very good work cherrie


  5. Oh, That's perfect!
    I love being able to repurpose cast-offs.

    (BTW, the skirt pattern is so easy! I even made my own lining for the peachy one. If you decide to make one, I hope you'll show us the finished product. :) )


  6. Very clever...I keep saying that we need to made bedside tables for our room...but it still hasn't happened. Perhaps I should take your lead and get on with it ;o)

  7. Oh, my! This is so beautiful. You need to do your own magazine with your gift for thrift!

  8. The is the cutest little table! What a clever thing to do.

  9. Very, very clever indeed! And what a lovely little table you have made yourself. Having visited my sister in Sydney, I am so impressed the way people put their stuff out on the curb to be picked up by the garbage truck, unless somebody spots it outside before the truck and picks it up to give somebody´s garbage a new lease of life. I wish we had the same custom here in Norway.

  10. Perfect! Be sure to show those cut off bits when you've made them over to be candlestick holders, you thrifty genius.


Thankyou for your kind thoughts. I appreciate and read everyone even though at times I may not be well enough to reply. Thankyou.