Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pink and green bag

This is the bag for child number 2 of the family from the never-never. The floral fabric is from the Heather Bailey 'freshcuts' line and teamed with a bright pink homespun because I am assured that the young lady loves pink. Because I wanted to use the three buttons on the top section for decoration I made a tie closure instead of using another button which would have looked ridiculous.

Now I just have to get number 3's out of my head and through the sewing machine. The trouble is that it keeps changing in my head and so it doesn't get done. Does that ever happen to you?


  1. Your bag is so lovely! I love the colors -- and yes, sometimes it is during the final sewing of that last seam that I am still changing the 'design' of a bag or whatever.
    Your designs are darling!

  2. Looking at your bright and colourful bag and start dreaming on summertime, summerholidays and i can´t get the little word aloha out of my mind :-)
    Today we had a cold and misty winter day with periods of snow and rain :-(
    So I really love to come on your blog searching for summer feeling!

    Great bag! And never mind I also change the designs and in some cases it is a never ending process :-)

  3. A very pretty bag. Like you I have only just started to sew again after many years of neglecting my poor machine.
    Now I can't wait to make free time to sew all sorts. I woudl like to make a bag, I have the material already and waiting.
    Carol x

  4. I love the pink and green combo, and the ric rac detail. So sweet!

  5. The bag is gorgeous. Love the colours. The three buttons look great!

  6. Cute bag! Love the fabric you used!

  7. Love the fabric you've choosen for this sweet bag design.

  8. I love the bag, pink is my colour.
    Good luck with number 3


Thankyou for your kind thoughts. I appreciate and read everyone even though at times I may not be well enough to reply. Thankyou.