Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ikea and thrifted fabric verus floods and fires

My dear friend on the Gold Coast took me op shopping last week. I thought we were looking for clothes but it actually turned into an exercise in which clothing could be turned into bags. Sorry to all the designers whose garments I will be cutting up but then they shouldn't use such lovely fabrics should they. We also bought loads of almost new leather belts for peanuts that will be able to be used for novel shoulder straps. Here is just a small selection of what we found.
Thanks Lana!!!
Can you just see this made into a hobo style bag? I think this is one of my favourite finds. A perfectly classic weave that is just plain denim on the back so will not even need to be lined to make a lovely soft shoulder hold-all. I will probably just cut along the bottom and use the excess to make shoulder straps.
This one reminds me of my Mum.
Mix and match from various op shops. I have and idea to combine these little embroideries with this vintage fabric.
Then after dropping my daughters off at the Sydney International Airport (they are off to New Zealand for 9 days) I nipped into Ikea to see what all the fuss was about. Of course I couldn't leave without buying some gorgeous fabric - so hard to pick just a few though!

At the moment none of this seems to matter. I am just glued to the screen in shock as place after place diasappears in fire. Almost entire communities are burnt out with 65 dead and more expected in Victoria. I don't live in any of the affected areas but did live nearby as a child or had my son living there for a couple of years. It brings it home very quickly when you are near, even in memory, to devastated places. Thankfully I know from the Bible that God will not allow the wicked conditions on earth to remain indefinitely, otherwise it would be so easy to lose hope.


  1. I love cutting up old clothes for bags. I usually only use ones that are really past their use by date though!

  2. Love your fabrics. They will make great bags. You will never look at clothes as clothes again hehe.
    I am praying for all the bushfire victims and survivors. It is just so awful.

  3. It looks greatwhat you did, what a good idea. Hope you ar alright there.

  4. A friend and myself had a small business a while ago where we would buy second hand jumpers and cardigans and then chop them up and make them into homewares! The looks we'd get at Savers when we had a trolley piled up with woollies in the middle of Summer....

    Also thanks so much for linking back to me re the rainbow packs!
    Keep safe and happy.

  5. I love turning clothes into other things. :)

  6. that first fabric is stunning, can't wait to see what you make with that one.

    Gill in Canada


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