Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cute magazine holders

Today my ugly grey Marbig magazine holders went from this: to this:

with lots of glue and paper found in my daughters scrapping drawers.
I just wanted something pretty to house my magazines and other bits of paper that float around my sewing room but couldn't find anything within my budget or taste. I will eventually cover them with clear contact. (I know I've got a whole, brand new, still wrapped roll but since I saw it last week it probably won't surface again for another year! O dear!)
And for all of those who wonder how we spent our weekend, here are a few clues:
My 15 year old daughter runs a pet sitting service, minding pets either at our house or at their own. Due to an exceptional set of circumstance we had seven dogs and a bird at our place for a few days. Surprisingly, considering they did not all get along that well, the noise was very low. I have found that dogs who are loved and entertained, more often than not by their fellow dogs, are not destructive or noisy. Animals are like children. If they are bored you'll know soon enough, otherwise you might not hear from them for hours.


  1. Those magazine holders are much prettier now!
    If you can't find the contact, a coat of clear varnish might just do the trick.

  2. Lovely magazine-holders! Me and my little one did the same thing this weekend actually, but we used some old Barbie-magazines an gift-wrapping-paper:) Fun to do:)

  3. Love the magazine holders, what a great idea and so colourful.

    Oh, I don't know how you kept sane with all those poochies! Not my idea of a fun weekend.


  4. Than magazine holders are great, what you all can do with a bit of nice paper. Love them!

  5. I love your magazine holders.
    The paper is lovely!

  6. Your magazine holders turned out fantastic! Soooo much prettier!
    I really need to get some of those. My mags are taking over. LOL

    Kimberly :)

  7. oooh I love those creations! This is about my craft level, so I may give it a try :0)

  8. Cute, cute magazine holders!

    And a pet-sitting service -- now that is so cool! What an adventure for you and your daughter!

  9. Your magazine holders look lovely. So much prettier than grey!


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