Saturday, May 23, 2009

Old wives tales

Here is a comment I posted a few moments ago on Simple/Green/Frugal Co-op .
I don't normally post about medicine but these simple remedies have played an important part in my families lives so I thought I would share them with you too as I still have no sewing to report. Not one lousy stitch. ;(( Comfrey and vinegar. Where would we be without them. Apparently vinegar kills weeds. I haven't tried it yet but love the idea as I have small dogs who love to nibble on grass. Just recently I've had a really itchy red scalp. Vinegar rubbed in solved that with the added benefit of giving my hair a lovely soft, shiny finish after it was washed off a day later. I know the comfrey jar (so much better if the ointment is brown than the white one!) says not to use it straight on open wounds but my family has been doing so for 30 odd years and anything (DEFINITELY NOT for burns) heals in half the time.

Vinegar makes a great astringent for teenage skin as does calendula tea. I cut myself to the bone between my fingers once whilst using seccateurs and used nothing but methylated spirits (did I scream? But of course!) to clean the cut. It healed within a week and didn't even leave a scar. I think vinegar would have done the trick also but there was none in the house.
And any woman who has heavy bleeding or blood gushing out during her period should drink really strong tea, 2 teabags preferably, maybe a little milk but no sugar if possible. My mother was told this by an old bachelor who came from a farm but lived his last years in his stationwagon so that no one would find him dead in a house and have to cleanb up after him. Apparently tea coagulates while coffee thins the blood. Old wives tale but extremely effective. Share it and see the praise you get. It should work within half an hour or so.
I forgot to add that I have also been told not to eat strawberries or raspberries during this sensitive time of the month because it apparently increase blood flow. Another old wives tale but it just might help you though I personally haven't seen any results from this one.
PS Just been over to Potty mouth mama.
You need to go there. She has the blonde joke of the century and apparently it is true! Sorry Chookie!

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  1. I couldn't agree more about the lovely things we have available to us to cure our ills!


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