Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Belated thanks

Thankyou to Eleesa of dorothybills for this wonderful pillow. She makes them in firm and soft versions and of course also as pin cushions. Because mine is firm I use it both as a decoration in my bedroom and also as a mini table for snacks in my bed or for holding my book while sipping a cuppa
(eyesight not being what it was!)

Thankyou to Sheridan from Chaletgirl. I successfully named Sheridan's new sewing machine and so won these little squares of Denyse Schmidt fabric. But the naughty girl also including some lovely pieces to say thankyou for my thankyou. I am so grateful but I think I am going to have to fight DD2 for some of them.

Thanks again Sheridan!

Lastly, thanks to my oldest daughter who lives in Melbourne and went to the Craft Fair for me and bought all of these goodies:
some wonderful Japanese fabrics (I know where the red one will end up. It is stunning!) And loads of buttons - mostly large common sense ones, because I need them - but also some sparkly, crazy ones for a little bit of bling in a girls life. Thanks Kara


  1. What gorgeous things and Colby is a bit cute too !

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog...Yes those Babushkas are there - in the office of Housing playground...opposite Meet Me at Mikes - come down and see them!

  3. Gorgeous gifts for you! I do love the pillow that can also serve as a mini-table -- what a wonderful idea! And your new Colby is absolutely adorable. I must not show our daughter -- she has been pleading for one as precious as yours!

  4. Absolutely lovely additions to the stash. And Colby is just cute as a button!

  5. Nice loot!! I got the same badge in red!! I wear it proudly on my handbag.

  6. So glad you enjoy your cushion!
    Love all your recent stash of goodies! x

  7. My dd was reading over my shoulder when I first saw this post, and suddenly had a horrifying glimpse of the future.."You mean when I grow up, you are going to send me off to craft shows to buy you stuff!!???) Darn right, kiddo. :p


Thankyou for your kind thoughts. I appreciate and read everyone even though at times I may not be well enough to reply. Thankyou.