Monday, October 19, 2009

Rewards for cleaning

I finally figured out who So and so was and was then asked by other friends to help this sick lady to get her house ready for moving day. It is always nice to be able to help as I am often not up to it. A group of us worked on emptying the kitchen cupboards. Because I was the most spry of an aging group I volunteered to scrub them out. We only worked for a couple of hours but look what I scored at the end of the day.
Another bike for me so I will be able to ride with DD2
and two big potplants.
This is a pink frangipani. I have been wanting to plant one of these in this spot for a while but would never have been able to afford one of this height. I hear they don't transplant well so will wait for the weather to cool, hopefully by the end of the week before I plant it. Tonight I dug the patch over so all is in readiness for the first sign of rain.

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