Thursday, December 17, 2009

From scraps to a picture.

More cutting up of Ikea fabric - this time because I didn't really like the big mustard coloured circles. I was just going to do a wonky log cabin around the big bird but slowly got pulled into the idea of a picture as the first couple of pieces went in.
I think it would make a lovely hanging but I don't have room for any more, so it will also get turned into a bag.
But maybe not until I have done a few more of these. Very gratifying they are.


  1. You are soooo creative. I do not have 1 creative bone in my body!

    Yes, they start very shallow but get deep once you go more than 6 or 7 feet out.

  2. How fabulous!
    Love the piecing! It makes for a much more interesting design.

    Kimberly :)

  3. Nice. The piecing gives the fabric more texture.


Thankyou for your kind thoughts. I appreciate and read everyone even though at times I may not be well enough to reply. Thankyou.