Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Roadside shopping.

If you are wondering what roadside shopping is - well it is what you do when your council decides that it is hard rubbish throw out week.

It is an incredibly cheap way to shop. Only costs you a tankful of fuel or so.

And if you have friends of like mind then you can share the cost, so long as your vehicle is not so loaded with humans so that you cannot fit the mechandise in. Because, the fact is, that if you leave a desirable product where you found it, to go home and unload, you will probably not be lucky enough to find it when you come back. So, lots of fuel and plenty of space for storage are a must in this game.

One friend commented that you could furnish your entire house from the goods found on the side of the road this year. Rather sad to think that people need to consider such a course. Having made the trip to Newcastle and back to pick DD2 up from the airport, I was able to see that someone had taken a complete bed set from a stack thrown out by a motel.

Every year I name the year according to the products that there are the most of. Not including computer gear, TVs or baskets! Or even bicycles!

This year was definitely the year of the BBQ and the wheelbarrow. In fact, I do believe that anyone holding shares in a wheelbarrow company should be getting huge dividends this year.

To think that the first two years that I was looking for wheelbarrows to act as pot plant holders I couldn't find more than two is amazing!

To a lesser extent it was also the year of the ironing board and the cane chair.

I might not have noticed the cane chairs so much except that my trawling friend was after a few for her downstairs, outside area. It started off with us picking up rather broken down chairs that needed a spot or two of fixing and ended up with me leaving wonderful ones on the side of the road and Jazzy throwing out the broken ones, which in turn were picked up by other shoppers.

At one stage, later in the dark, I overdid myself trying to fit the cane suite she finally decided on into my stationwagon. The two seater and one single chair when with a pinch into the boot but the other single seater totally did not want to co-operate with fitting into the front. Really, it was too big, but by the time I figured that out it was firmly entrenched in the front and not intending to go anywhere. I still don't know if the line in my front windscreen is a crack or just a scratch. Not game to look!

O! The fun of curbside shopping.


  1. love the seat, I would pick up something like that too if I saw it

  2. I love this entire concept...wish we had this here in Texas, Elaine


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