Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spreading the white!

I like white.

There - I've said it. And totally not ashamed of it either.

I also like like wood, in most of it's modern and vintage/antique guises.

But I think dark wood suits larger places. And I have a small place. In fact so small that my bedroom is also my sewing room.

As all you ladies know, even the best kept sewing room already has loads of colour and problems with tidiness.

This terrific bookcase was gifted to me by a friend. It is well made and even has a gorgeous little heart cut which I totally treasure. It works well for material/tablecloth/teatowel storage but because it is a tall object it brings darkness into my little room.

So, prompted by all the terrific white blogs around, notable Mias Landliv and a beach cottage I finally took the push today and found all my tins of white.

I don't know where the sander is so lets skip that step. Besides it is too hot and it might storm later so lets get going. Let's just start with the undercoat, the one I took from the shed when I left home.

Miss nearly 16 offered to help. She is wearing my trusty painting dress that has served me through 2 pregnancies and loads of breastfeeding. A brilliant dress picked up at Kmart for $5 about 20 years ago.

I'll never be able to let go of this dress because I wore it the day I took my son home from hospital. I picked him up and his eyes latched onto the dress. He took to it straight off and never seemed to look at anything else when I wore it.
Would you believe it - now he goes for the black.
And I am going for the white - spreading it all over the place.


  1. Now that will look lovely when its all finished. After moving into a small house with lots of dark wood furniture that suited my old place perfectly, I completely understand!

  2. I love white too and often fantasize about living in an all white house with all white furniture that I would keep perfectly clean and white.... but since I hate cleaning and have a dirty husband( in a good way) and dirty child... probably never gonna happen...

  3. I too love white! I'm sure it will look ever so beautiful!

  4. I like white too. I'm looking forward to seeing how your shelf ends up!

  5. Another fan of white-on-white but hubby couldn't see what's in my mind's eye so we went warm cream instead when we painted this house.

    It is a lovely shelf- every fabric lover needs more storage!

  6. If I could, I'd paint my floorboards white as well. In fact, I fight with the urge on a twice annual basis, then call up my pal who bemoans her white floorboards and launches into a detailed description of all the scuzz that is showing up. But there is no excuse not to paint a cabinet white. Go the white!

  7. I never had any sort of appreciation for white until I started to see the gorgoues white interiors in blogland. That bookcase is gorgeous. The story of the dress is too. X

  8. Your bookcase is gorgeous! And love the little nightie. You'll have to re-use and re-purpose it forever and ever. xo m.


Thankyou for your kind thoughts. I appreciate and read everyone even though at times I may not be well enough to reply. Thankyou.