Sunday, September 5, 2010

Anthro-style on a budget

Both these tops are the design of my oldest daughter.
I just did the manual work like sewing and beading.
I wouldn't have had to do anything if I hadn't shown her the anthropology site but whose complaining.
I think she looks really sweet and the tops do too.

This one was made with a specially bought t-shirt that had long sleeves. Actually it was specially bought so I could cut it up to use for flowers on another top that was bought at the same time but we discovered that the cut off sleeves had heaps to spare so DD1 pulled out the doily basket and started to play around with designs.
Some are full size doilies and others are sections that have had their frayed edges sealed with fray stoppa.
The butterfly has been embellished with tiny cream beads.

This top is a sportsgirl top bought at a garage sale for $5.
The embellishments come from a bag of unfinished work I picked up at the oppy a number of months ago.
Again beading was done, this time in a colour to match the top with three seed beads place in the centre of each little flower and in a row around the large one.


  1. Brilliant! Both of you! You are both an inspiration - I have a whole heap of t-shirts that need a good lot of embellishment! Time to start planning for summer clothes, I think!

  2. both are beautiful- must say I envy your having a daughter to share this kind of stuff with - my sons are NOT into 'mom' stuff- not that they aren't wonderful sons- it's that Y gene!
    happy labor day weekend.

  3. What a great outcome, they look great. You must be proud of her for wanting to create her own version!

  4. Both tops are great! I am looking forward to when my little girls (aged 4 and 1) get more involved in sewing. But to be fair, Miss 4 always chooses a fabric (or 4) that she wants when we go fabric shopping.

  5. just lovely - she has your eye for detail - best le


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