Friday, October 22, 2010

4 things meme

4 things that I always carry:
1. My wallet with licence
2. My keys
3. Tissues
4. A mess in the bottom of my handbag
4 things that are in my bedroom
1. My sewing machine
2. Threads, always threads
3. Possibly some white dog hair too but I won't admit it in public!
4.My bed (who'da guessed?)
4 Things that I would like to do but haven't done yet
1. ALL the washing
2. Flown in a hot air balloon
3. Make a pavlova
4. Stop eating piles of milo everyday so that I get skinny(er)4 things that you don't know about me:
1. I used to be skinny
2. I think I collect jugs
3.I HATE, HATE ironing so I seldom do more than one thing at a time unless it is for sewing
4. I started wearing contact lenses this week at age 48 but I am brilliant at putting them in because I wore them for 10 years from age 18 to 28
4 things I often wonder
1. who was the first amazing person to discover that if you rub two metls pointing to the north you will make a magnet?
2. What sort of birds are singing at my house
3. Whether I will have to wear bifocals one day (that's cheating because I finally found out this week that I can't - hooray!!!)
4. Will I need to wear a hearing aid one day?

Thanks to chunkychooky for this post today!!


Thankyou for your kind thoughts. I appreciate and read everyone even though at times I may not be well enough to reply. Thankyou.