Monday, October 4, 2010

The dentist and the finds

Last Wednesday I finally made the trip to the dentist.
The one I went to is about 40 minutes away which is great for Miss 16 to add time to her driver's log book.
The pain in my mouth that day was horrendous and I am sure I was overdosed on every sort of painkiller I could find, none of which made much difference.
We stopped in Tareee for a potter around and to meet up with Miss 22 during her lunch break. At that stage the 3 disprins were having a minor effect so I went off on my own to a couple of oppies but nothing really took my fancy except this tablecloth which I thought might make a nice travelling skirt for my oldest.
Sad because Taree normally rewards my efforts to get there.
Anyway, we drove the next 10 minutes up to Wingham and again I tried an oppie right over the road from the dentist.
Nope. Nothing there either.
By now the pain was coming back big time so I thought it best to leave the last shop for another day.
Off to the dentist.
Fill in the forms.
Look for something interesting to read to take my mind off that escalating pain and the thoughts that they might not be able to tackle it all in one go as I firmly believed I must have at least 3 huge holes to cause so much pain in so many spots.
Wouldn't you know it?
The Better Homes and Gardens was 10 years out of date, the Home Beautiful was from last year and the National Geographic was from 1978.
Do they seriously think we want to know what went on in the Himalayas back in '78?
I came up with the brilliant idea that someone should put through legislation to overhaul medical waiting rooms reading supplies.
It ought to be illegal to have anything more out of date than 6 months. After all, the people who use these rooms are often in pain or agony like me and desperately need their minds taken off their present situation.
Then as I was mentally beginning to draught the finer details of the new laws, like how supermarkets and newsagents could send on those out of date magazines that have their corners snipped or ripped and then are thrown into the recycling bin, I was called into the dentist inner sanctum.
Pick, pick, Knock, knock.
Does it hurt here, here, here. Yep. Nope.
Pain killers.
There is only one hole and it is in the top wisdom tooth.
Everything else is great except for a possible spot of infection under an existing filling and the fact that the bottom wisdom tooth is still trying to come through. (At 47!)
She asks if I want her to take out the wisdom tooth. In her opinion that is what is causing all the referred and other pain.
I agree.
She sticks in the needle.
I burst into tears.
The pain has been so bad that I have hardly eaten all day and a needle in my mouth is the last straw.
They say it's a good reason to munch on a few jelly beans which I do while half my mouth and throat is gong numb and I'm not even sure if I've managed to swallow it all.
To cut a long story short she removes the tooth.
No pain.
Zip.Zilch. Nothing.
The best dentists visit I have ever had (except for the reading material).
I walk out in a daze.
She says the pain should all be gone but come back if not and she'll tackle the old filling.
It's over peoples.
No pain.
No more medicine.
And just enough time to go to the last oppie and get all of this.


  1. it was absolutely meant to be ... the reward at the end of the dentist that is. i love the yellow and green sheet and the blue table cloth (?) would look amazing as a skirt or dress.

    happy blogtoberfest.

    My blog

  2. I'm glad you found some fantastic loot after suffering the pain of a sore tooth. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your finds.

  3. So happy for you that the dentist solved your pain problem. Those wisdom teeth are wisely removed when causing such distress. Your finds are very colourful!

  4. Ahh the final reward at the end of the day :D In the end the haul was good! I Love Taree, a good friend of mine lives there :)

  5. Yes I think you deserved that reward after the dentist too.

    I am a fellow blogtoberfest participant and a first timer to yout blog.

    I hope tp get around to all the blogs this month.

    Would love you to visit mine


  6. Ooooh, the dentist, my last trip was the most traumatic thing I think I have ever been through, so I feel for you.
    I like that you got a reward at the end though.

  7. oh wow you totally scored at the op shop! well done! and all the best with blogtoberfest!

  8. OMG - what an ordeal - honestly, tooth pain is really the very worst - especially if you have been putting up with it for a while. Glad you got it all sorted and found some lovely things at the end of the day. Don't forget to wash out with salty water for awhile - it helps!

  9. Oh I'm so glad your day turned right around after that. Hooray for being pain free and for fabulous oppie finds!!

  10. ha ha hardy ha!

    This is your best feature article ever. They should put this in a magazine!
    Im so sorry for your pain. I bawled and rocked back and forth like a baby while being driven to a country dentist a year back. Never ever to be repeated experience.
    Nice finds. Hilarious!

    P.s. my hubby would have been interested in that 1978 article. SAD.

  11. wow! some really gorgeous fabrics!


Thankyou for your kind thoughts. I appreciate and read everyone even though at times I may not be well enough to reply. Thankyou.