Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy hour with a family of folders

Three folders for the same family makes a family of folders, doesn't it.
Two for the Mum who loves orange, purple and flowers
and one for her 3 year old with a zippered pencil pocket on the outside and an exercise book inside.
The pocket features a small cross stitch picked up at the oppy.
This week has been productive in clearing out lots of little projects that have been hiding on my cutting table for a couple of months.
I am so happy because soon I will be able to work straight from my daily inspiration, without the obligation to finish off things I have promised to others.
That is of course, if I totally ignore some year or two year old projects.
But they are so far from my desires at the moment that I can easily do that.

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  1. Oh how cool! I love the last two, they're fantastic!

  2. The colours are beautiful - so fresh and springy!

  3. I love the little pencil case attachment! It's so clever.

  4. Gorgeous & the idea of the pencil case!


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