Sunday, October 31, 2010

November is my no-spender

Well it has finally happened.
After a couple of years of enjoying the rewards of constant op-shopping I have been put on a diet.
Almost like an AA for op-shoppers.
I have promised to not frequent or possibly even enter these places for the whole month of November.
It is going to be hard, real hard.
I'll have to take the less scenic route into town now so that the desire of my eyes does not force me to make a little foray in to my favourite one.
But at least I have admitted I have a problem.
So anyone else up around here who loves vintage tablecloths, doilies and crocheted cardies can rest easy for this month knowing that the said items will still be there for them when they get there a little later than I used to.......
Please think of me people's while you are enjoying your month of goodies.

O and did I tell you I have also pledged not to buy anything unnecessary for November either?
Sadly that also is true.

And if I just slip up and post about some special goodies (wink, wink) please don't tell the local police, er, I mean my daughters.
I don't weant to get in trouble.

Well here goes.....

These pictures that my son took have nothing to do with this post.
But I still like them.

Thanks Tinniegirl and Curlypops for a fantastic Blogtoberfest.

PS Monetpaisley has just offered to go shopping on my
behalf in November which makes me feel SO much better.


  1. Oh my goodness - good luck with that challenge!

  2. Good luck with that, Perhaps I should make November my op-shopping month to make up for you not going. I always mean to go but never get around to it.

  3. I hope you have better willpower than me - I tried and lasted about 10 days!

  4. Hi Wagtail, in 2007, I took the pledge and I don't shop any more, we owed 45K in debts, including home improvement loans, car payments ect. I now owe 20K and will pay off the rest by 2012, if I hadn't given up spending, I would still be in a mess. It's also made me more spiritual, more appreciative of what I have, I notice things that can't be bought. Autumn colours and a flower that pops up when all the others have died, also those in need. I know my frugality is all important to me or I would never pay off my debts. Think of my three years of not spending and the next two years I have of not spending, it can be done xx

  5. Ive been to those beaches!

    P.s. im not sure if I put the sleeves on back to front, just between you and me.

  6. Oh that is one kind of diet I have put myself on more than one time too! Usually fell straight of the wagon LOL.
    Dieting is like a jojo, any kind of diet. Good luck and stay strong.

  7. Wow, this is one huge challenge, good luck!


Thankyou for your kind thoughts. I appreciate and read everyone even though at times I may not be well enough to reply. Thankyou.