Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A tiered skirt

I always get stuck when I write the word 'tiered' because my mind always skips across to tired.
No idea why although it could have something to do with me sleeping all the time!
But this skirt ain't tired even if it is made up mostly from used goodies.
The white and pale blue were both blouses from the oppy and the bottom tier is part of an old tablecloth.
The only fresh piece is the second layer which comes from the cupboard of the grandma of the young lady who will wear it and could just be tired from sitting in there for the past 4 years.
I've been a really naughty girl there because that one is a poly-cotton while all the rest is cotton.
Please don't tell.
I thought it would be alright as this skirt is only for the big holidays when the two girls come down to visit with their little brother and grandma.
Grandma will finish it off by inserting the correct length of elastic because young miss 12 could have expanded by then.

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