Saturday, November 20, 2010

A finished bag

Well it is finished and my daughter says it is good enough to sell so when I get the correct photos taken I will be uploading this one and the other two in  my room to my shop.
This is all made from curtain samples except for the vintage doily and new button!


  1. Gorgeous bag, Cherrie. You clever person you!

  2. Lovely bag. I love using curtain/furnishing samples. The doiley looks just right too.

  3. It's very pretty. Love the lining :-)

  4. Exquisite- everything goes together so well.

  5. What a clever cookie you are, it is divine.

  6. That bag is so beautiful! Youve evn ironed it first. I can spot an ironed bag a mile off. I didnt do mine and it shows.
    I didnt know you had a shop?
    I love having you over to cyber visit me, x


Thankyou for your kind thoughts. I appreciate and read everyone even though at times I may not be well enough to reply. Thankyou.