Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Some more from before

I really can't understand why I am constantly needing to tidy new places in my house. 
Very annoying and time consuming.
It is, however, a good excuse for not getting anything done because all available surfaces get covered in the relay of goods from one place to another.

This time it all started because my son told me he needed more drawers.
Well, with no council cleanup looming and no money to spend either I decided to use my powers of reason and come up with another way to solve the problem. Hence the mess you saw when I was looking for my creative space last week.
Which, incidently, is still hidden, only now with different piles. 
Anyway, I though I could give him the wire baskets from my wardrobe which were holding the wool and crochet. 
This meant rearranging that space which in turn led to another brilliant idea for sorting out some of the mess in there.
And so on and so on, etc...

Which led to the discovery of these old projects of mine.
You could call some of them UFOs.
I prefer to think of them as memories.

An applque and embroidery that I stated the instant I saw it in whichever mag it was but then lost half way through.
My first ever attempt at a journal cover, complete with stencilled teddy for the middle, which ended as a mini quilt.
And that tracing of the poky little puppy for the center panel of a quilt for my youngest which she didn't like then but was amazed at today.

Incidetally, if you want to give me a gate like in the first picture I would be very happy to take it.

According to my wise source the correct word for this is reconfuffling.
I must remember that!!


  1. Cherie, I do exactly the same thing- I've even invented a word for it- reconfuffling. I spend a lot of tine reconfuffling my stuff. I'm sorry to say I think its a Clayton's clean up, you know, the clean up you have when you're not really having a clean up.
    But finding 'memories' makes it almost worthwhile. Isn't that the Poky Little Puppy? Very cute.

  2. Ive been finding some memories here lately too. If we dont take the time in these 'going through stuff moments' to share with our kids, I dont know if there is ever a perfect moment to storytell. Do you?


Thankyou for your kind thoughts. I appreciate and read everyone even though at times I may not be well enough to reply. Thankyou.