Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Twenty Qustions Answered

  1. Sweet or Savoury?  Definitely sweet only now I am suddenly supposed to turn savoury for health reasons and I know it is going to kill me.
  2. Dresses or Jeans?  Dresses all the way, any time of day.
  3. House or Apartment?  House because kids and pets do better there although an apartment might be nice if I were to live on my own because I wouldn't be responsible for the lawn anymore. (Did someone say lawn? What lawn? We only have wild grasses swaying in the wind here!)
  4. Shop Online or Offline?  Offline. It's all about the exercise ladies. It's why French Women Don't Get Fat (which doesn't explain me does it?!).
  5. DVDs or Downloads?  Neither really. I am so cynical these days that I have to be dragged kicking and screaming in to watch anything.
  6. Cocktails or Juice?  Juice but really I would prefer water.
  7. Chocolate or Strawberry?  Chocolate. Why the need to ask!!
  8. Laptop or PC?  PC because that's all there is.
  9. Magazines or Newspapers?  This one is really tough because I buy neither (what's wrong with online) but read either. I think it is more about the date on it.
  10. Facebook or Twitter?   Nope although I do snoop a little on my daughter's.
  11. CDs or MP3s?  CDs
  12. Kids or Pets?  Both but if I was forced to choose I would take the kids.
  13. Macaron or Cupcakes?  Mmmm. Macaroons. (Oops. I am not meant to eat sugar anymore.)
  14. Walk or Run?  Walk. In my youth it was because of the ankle turns; after 3 babies it's for other reasons ;D
  15. Breakfast in Bed or Breakfast Out?  I think maybe in bed, although I don't have much experience with either - I just love my bed.
  16. Market or Supermarket?  Supermarket
  17. Sourdough or Grainy? Again if I could choose I would love, love the sourdough but all grains are out for me now. Sourdough with salami. Yummo!
  18. Heels or Flats?  Heels. My social studies teacher said I was the only person he had ever seen who could successfully hike in high heels. I also worked an industrial machine for 5 or 6 years with heels. Of course I have a bunion to show for it too.
  19. Late nights or Not?   It all depends on the day.
  20. Coffee or Tea?  Tea but again I would just prefer water.

So there you have it.
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  1. love your list! well done on taking the kids over the pets :)

  2. Great meme! I liked this one:
    # DVDs or Downloads? Neither really. I am so cynical these days that I have to be dragged kicking and screaming in to watch anything.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one. I'm so cynical and over Hollywood 'ideals' that I'm a pain to watch with anyway.


Thankyou for your kind thoughts. I appreciate and read everyone even though at times I may not be well enough to reply. Thankyou.