Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chicken scratch

Chicken scratch is a form of cross stitch embroidery done on gingham fabric, also known as Teneriffe Lace, Snowflaking, Depression embroidery or Depression lace, gingham lace or Amish embroidery.

You either like it or you don't but more than likely you are reminded of some old lady in a small cottage serving food.
Maybe your Grandma. Maybe her apron.
I am now reminded of a certain blogger who has just learned the meaning of the term and who should receive some of these about a week after I send them.
Hopefully she will hand their beauty on to future little ones in the form of gorgeous clothing.
I am sure a child would have great fun tracing the tactile stitches and dreaming that they too could make something like this.

And really this is a form of embroidery that a lot of children could learn because it relies on three common stitches: the running stitch, the double-cross stitch and the woven circle.
Beginner stitches sewn onto the easily recognisable graph of gingham.
I am not sure where to find the old patterns but i am sure you could convert simple cross stitch motifs into chicken scratch patterns as it would appear that the lady who made these aprons did.


  1. Hi Cherrie, i had no idea what this was called but i have seen gingham tablecloths with cross stitching at rural shows made by someones nana probably and thought how gorgeous they are.I had forgotten all about it! I really love the cover of that book, i love collages like that -so clever!

  2. Oh me oh my! I hope this means what I think it does.
    Perhaps I shouldnt have dropped by? What if youre not talking about the person I think you are?
    I have no words! Well.... I have no MORE words. x

  3. Yes, they're really nice, would make beautiful gifts.


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