Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I can't say no

I mightn't have the energy for much but I still won't say no to a foray into the op shops when I am forced to go out for important things like more library books or new glasses.

I've found heaps of great doilies and I am happy to say the prices have gone back down to reasonable amounts. 
Some gorgeous tablecloths - hopefully I will get to the point of showing you some of these in their refashioned states.

Also a couple of bags that I am trying to sell on ebay. This leather is what I absolutely wanted back in the eighties but couldn't afford.
Now that I find one for next to nothing I can't use it because DD2 can't stand second hand things.
Another funny thing about this bag is that it is genuine cowhide from India. Who woulda thunk it?!
  The leather has a definite offer on it which is exciting because I've never sold via ebay before and the other is going to the lady I bought it for in the first place if no one sees it's beauty from the photo.

This little tot sized beauty definitely reminds me of dorothybills but I am afraid her daughter is too big for it now so it will have to hang around my house till I find the perfect person for it.

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