Sunday, January 9, 2011

What to wear for walking.

We stayed at the Falls Mountain Retreat in Wentworth Falls. 
We had a top studio with a rear outlook onto trees and the central courtyard in the front.
It was a lovely quiet place to stay
OK Here I am ready for a bushwalk in the Blue Mts.
I haven't been bushwalking in years but I did grow up doing a fair amount.
If there are any runners in my possesion I can't remember where they are so I donned these flat sandals.
Then we came to our first off-the-track spot.
The water was divinely cool and we took advantage of it by having a little splashing fun.
Next stop down the track and I still haven't returned the shoes to my feet.
I love walking barefooted.
Even through mud.
And over stones.
I've discovered (?) that my knees no longer have that old spring in them so walking without shoes helps me to get a better feel for the surface and react quicker than I would with shoes.
Maybe I am still just a little kid but it seems like my daughter enjoys the experience too.
She did end up putting her runers back on but I walked all the way home in my bare feet (except for the bits of hot tar on the final stretch!).
My blouse is a genuine, baggy $10 top from Millers that started with a full collar, longer length and rolled up sleeves secured with tabs. 
It's one of the few things I have bought new for a while but even then my intention was simply to use the basic cut and light material and transform it into my own product.
I've shirred about 2 inches at waist height between the back darts, shortened the overall lenth as well as the sleeves and replaced the collar with a v-neck. 
The crochet detail was originally a round doily. 
There was only enough for the front of the blouse so now I know that I would need a bigger doily or a smaller width from the outside of the same size doily to go around the full neck.
I simply cut it in half after removing the centre, sewed the edges down and bound the whole neck with a bit of bias made from the leftovers. 
The central crochet flower is to hide the fact that I've stretched the neck a bit in the making.


  1. That scenery is just beautiful!
    Love the feet photos - how cute that you and your daughter have feet that look alike.

  2. I love the scenery youve been immersed in. Wow.
    Im so chuffed how you went barefoot. The best way to sense the earth I reckon, x

  3. Mmm, I love the feeling of cool water on hot feet! That little waterfall looks like the ideal spot to spend and hour or two soaking in.


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