Saturday, February 5, 2011

What are your cutting tools? - Link In

I'm not a professional anything so what you are about to see is not up to the best standards. However, these are the only cutting tools I use in my sewing.
And I don't know where I would be without them.
I thought it would be a good idea to share our cutting secrets with each other so have enlisted the help of Mister Linky. 
It sure would be grand if you could let us know what you use in your crafting world because a little advice, of others tried and true methods, never goes astray.

 I use two el-cheapo cutting mats, sitting side by side, on my cutting table which is just my old dining table raised up, using all sorts of contraptions found at the hardware shop, to a level that allows me to cut without straining my back or arms.
Luckily I am only a short person because I don't know how many more plumbing extensions or verandah post holders can be added to one table leg!!
Anyway, generally these two mats are together as you see them here so that I can cut across longish pieces of fabric.
Sometimes, though, as in my previous post, I will take one out to the proper dining table and just keep turning the mat as I cut so that I don't have to lift the piece I am working on. This seems to give a neater finish to the item.  
I've even been known to put them down on the carpet to assist when cutting out curtains, etc.
And of course, they are always pulled off and shared around when the kiddos get together for scrapbooking or other crafts.

I use two acrylic rulers.
One is 24" and the other 14".
Unless I specifically need the large one I'll just pick up whichever one is closest.
I have used plastic rulers in the past before I purchased these but I think these are better as the weight helps to hold the fabric down as you cut. 
They also have angles printed on them and these are great if you can figure out how to use them.

I bought my rotary cutter years ago for 1/2 price.
For many years I used the same blade which a friends' husband kept sharpening for me.
I didn't realise that a new blade only costs around $10.
Now I keep the old blade in a little casing and use it when I want to cut heavy cardboard for my folders.

My scissors are cheap but sharp.
The brown handled one is for paper cutting and will definitely let you know if you try to cut fabric with it.
I've had a number of expensive scissors before and have come to the conclusion that sharpness, not expense, is what matters.
And, of course, keeping your sewing scissors for fabric only.
Cutting paper, wire, wood or tomato plants is not healthy for them.
I think I would like a few more pairs as they are one of those items that can easily get lost under all the piles of goodness in my sewing space.

And where would we be without the trusty quick unpick?
I did a post a couple of years ago and received a comment to the  intent that Clover makes a really good one.
I can't dispute that as I've never tried theirs.
I just know that this wonderful little invention is heaps better than trying to unpick with pins or needles or with a razor blade as I was taught when I was little in the !960's.
This is another product that you can never have too many of.

If you have time to share your cutting tools with us and explain why they work for YOU that would be great.


  1. Thanks for that! Thank you also for emailimg me back the other day about your rulers ... I like the wide one, and may invest in one as-wide.

    Quick unpicks are invaluable aren't they? And I agree, sewing scissors for fabric and other scissors for everything else!

  2. I'm just a pair of scissors on the desk or carpet kind girl. Nothing fancy but very sharp. And I agree with the quick pick thing, love mine.

  3. I use those exact same things, except I have two sizes of rotary cutter (large and small). The small one is handy for cutting around tight curves.
    I also have the rectangle quilting rulers plus four different size square rulers - I think they're 6x6 inch, 9.5x9.5, 12.5x12.5 and 15.5x15.5

  4. Hi :D I added my link up there :D I used to have the same stitch ripper, but lately I was having a really hard time finding any other than the little compact ones which are AWFUL! I gave in and splurged on a Clover one, and I'm pretty much in love.


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