Saturday, May 26, 2012

For the chair

It seems that I have passed on some of my love for old things to at least one child.
Kara, my eldest, keeps appropriating my precious finds. This chair cost me a mere two dollars at a garage sale years ago. 
It was quickly recovered and then served as a dog chair downstairs at our last house. It's been sprayed for fleas many times and lately washed with a gentle bleach solution. The rain hit it often and possibly even the rottweiler and some native birds have sat in it. 
But now it serves as a cushion holder in Kara's bedroom. She claims she is taking it when she moves out shortly along with some of my other vintage bits and bobs. 
OK. I've agreed but only because I have too many. 

The latest batch of cushions were made from recycled skirts - one from a swap and the other bought at the thrift store - and filled with brand new inserts gifted by a friend who bought the covers cushions but didn't like the fact that they were so plump. 
The map at the rear is a piece of printed fabric found on the net and turned into a throw with a backing of fabric from Ikea.


  1. I love your cushions, they're gorgeous. Your daughter has extremely good taste if she is following in her mum's footsteps.
    It's been nice to find a few minutes in between travels to catch up with your blog.
    Anne xx

  2. Mmmm, cushions! Those particular ones have a sophisticated but still cosy look.

  3. I never thought id see something so, dare I say, monotone?! in your home. Lovely though, and im eyeing off that throw fabric, x

  4. nice blog xx :))

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  5. Two dollars for a cushion holder is a great find. I find a lot of times people get rid of beautiful chairs for really cheap. You were smart to buy it and fix it up.

    -Zane of ontario honey


Thankyou for your kind thoughts. I appreciate and read everyone even though at times I may not be well enough to reply. Thankyou.