Sunday, July 13, 2008

Moving along slowly

Well, daughter number one has gone home. We miss her but realise that her life is now in Melbourne so it was absolutely great to have the time together that we did. While she was with us,both girls managed to get bargains on little cameras. So far I have only managed to get one camera bag made. It is not a great job but is padded enough to hopefully protect the camera from any thing. The inside is faux velvet to help it slide in and out easily (I hope).

I used the tutorial from as a basis but as I only had half an hour to make it I wasn't very precise. The outer fabric is part of a chemise top I bought for $5 simply so I could cut it up to make a bag. When daughter number one was sorting through my stash she found it and admired it. It isn't really linen - totally fake - but it still has a lovely look about it.

And here's the reason for the heading. I am slowly moving along with my little mosaic sign. I've never done anything like this before so I really am feeling my way. I thought it would be a good idea to protect the wood from moisture so I undercoated it with acrylic sealer.

Then I worked out the sizing of the letters on a piece of baking paper. It was transferred using the old school method of rubbing the back with grey lead and tracing hard on the front.

Here is a little friend dropping in at the front porch to say hello!



  1. Hi, thank you for the nifty camera case idea. I did check sewmad and couldn't access it. Has she closed it do you think?

  2. Hi Rita, Sorry I put the wrong address in for sew mad. I have fixed the fault and you can re try by clicking on the new address in the post. Thanks for pointing this out. Cherrie


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