Saturday, November 1, 2008

Geraniums and a little visitor

I love my geraniums. They are such happy plants and will grow anywhere that I put them which is great for me because I then feel like a successful gardener.

And they come in such a great variety of colours, petals and leaves. These are just two of all the varieties growing on our balconies.

A friend has gone away and entrusted us with her beautiful cat. I am a bit worried that Polo will return to his home which is only a few blocks away so he is being kept inside for a few days. He is not keen on this idea and keeps trying to get out through the windows.

I even found him in the laundry sink.
Normally he lives with an older lady and her wee dog called Marco - thus the ladies pets are Marco Polo!

What a gorgeous, hugable little face!


  1. What a sweet cat! Hope you take full advantage and share some more pictures...he is beautiful!

  2. Love the flowers and the sight of Polo! Such a cutie!

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  3. Lof the colours and the cat is great look at her eyes!!

  4. What beautiful geraniums. So good to see them when we have just lost all ours over here in the first frosts. The cat is adorable - why do they find lying in the sink so attractive, I had a kitten who loved doing that too.

  5. Such pretty geraniums and a sweet kittie face! Two things that this household is missing...


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