Monday, September 14, 2009

More Folders and a French Market

Saturday was a warm day on the Central Coast - perfect for the French Markets at Kincumber. Stalls full of vintage and new, some from France, most local products - but all girly. Fabulous brioche and dips and coffee. Oo-lal-la!!My friend Eleesa from dorothybills asked me to contribute some folders to her stall. I decided to use only natural materials because that suits her style. In the photo above you can see some of her circle skirts made from table cloths - an absolute hit for the day and very comfy too.
The folder above was made using a tiny piece of large weave cotton and scraps from a lovely linen table cloth that some atrocious child had scribbled all over with texta. I had bought the piece vitually sight unseen because our local oppies have taken to rolling all linens up and tying them with string so that you have to fight knots to see what you are getting. Fortunately it was cheap and the cutting around the texta actually helped to increase the challenge and lead to a more inventive product.
By the time I got to this folder I was in love with linen of which I have about zilch so had to cut into an old stocking holder in my stash. The reason the lady is headless is that she was not good looking and she was smoking! Unbelievable!


  1. wow - gorgeous folders! .. our oppie also rolls the fabric, so I know where you are coming from!

  2. Oh, it must be such fun to do a hand made market stall! I've only done trash and treasure. No time ATM to build a stash of product, sadly.
    Your folders are lovely and a great use of vintage linens. db's skirts are great too.


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