Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No energy sewing

What do you do when you want to create but have absolutely no energy?

You cheat, of course!

That is, you use already finished goodies to make your item.
This cushion was made with part of a curtain sample that already had overlocked edges. All I did was cut the correct size for covering this old cushion and french seam the two long sides together into a pipe. Push the insert in, grab a couple of posties rubber bands to hold the twisted ends and finish with some ribbon from the stash. And Hey Presto! You have a classy cushion to give to a friends grandchild.
The other granchild thinks she doesn't like girly things so I made the ultra easy jeans leg bag for her from the base of her granfather's worn out jeans. Again a quick french seam for the base, a couple of belt loops with old o-rings slipped on and a thrifted belted for the strap. Too easy.
And perfect for teenagers pressies.

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  1. Those are great!
    I made a similar roll pillow. A very classy look, but sooo easy. :)



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