Saturday, October 10, 2009


Apparently this is the second best lasagne in the world.
Made to DD2 tastes and worth heaps of hugs.

PS: For Rita. The recipe is ultra simple. Brown your mince, preferably with garlic. Add a tin of condensed tomato soup (this is the magic ingredient for my daughters taste - if you don't like tomato soup this lasagne is probably not for you - I prefer a more Italian flavour) and one of crushed tomatoes. Also add one chicken stock cube . Simmer till reduced and season to taste. The white sauce was made with heaps of grated mozarella and some slices of cheddar - really just whatever you have. This one was ultra stringy but that is the way my daughter likes it. Layer meat, white sauce and boiled (at least 6-7 minutes) sheets of lasagne until you run out. Have something moist (meat or white sauce) on top of the last sheet of lasagne and top with grated cheese. Stick in moderate oven until nearly burnt. OK. Just kidding. Ideally it should be golden brown and bubbly.

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