Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Dinky Diaper Bag

Well, I don't really know if that is what I shall call these little cuties because I am a wee bit confused as to their function. I've made a couple of them for friends so that as soon as their little one is big enough to walk they can have a bag just like big brother or sister. However, the mums have confounded me by using them as little nappy bags, ie diposable plus wipes easily fit in. So now I am a bit lost. The bags in this photo are getting ready to go into my Madeit shop (should be there early next week) but I am not sure what to call them.

Dinky Diaper Bags

Binky Baby Bags

Kiddy Bags

Nanny or Billy Bags (note the kid(goat) connection!)

Help. I don't know. Any worthy suggestions willy be gratefully received though not necessarily acted upon.


  1. Dinky Diaper bags is cute..But what do I know :P..They are precious though!

  2. I like billy bags or binky baby but not so much dinky diaper. Maybe that is because we call them nappies here and it's good to hang onto our Australian ways!(my partner is american by the way!) Either way they are cute little bags and sure to be popular xo

  3. I love the idea of little folk toddling around with your sweet totes.

  4. I like kiddy bags. My kiddies love nothing more than packing a bag full of stuff to take out with us.


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