Saturday, January 30, 2010

Left on my own!

Every post needs a picture so I have decided to share one of my beautiful daughter who has run away to spend time with my other beautiful daughter.
Actually, the truth is that she left me for the cricket. In Melbourne. I'm very happy for her. Really I am.
If it wasn't for all the heat and no nanna naps, I might almost wish I was there.
Yes. I admit that I love cricket or did in the old days when I watched it (haven't had the telly connected for three years now and I only miss the cricket and archaeology/history shows) although I do think the whole thing is getting to competitive and that is just not cricket.
Unfortunately, as well as taking herself off for a week and a half, she also took the camera!! Just when I was hoping to get back to more serious sewing.
So all the photos I post for the next little while will have to be ones I prepared earlier.
And if I want to share any sewing with you I won't be able to give it to it's new owners until she comes back. Just don't know if I can cope with that.
PS If you look carefully at the left base of the tree you might just be able to make out a little chihuahua. It was his first walk by the Pacific Ocean.


  1. I used to like the cricket too... but so much anymore. I can't handle listening to Mark Taylor on the tele - he does my head in! And well... I LOVED Steve Waugh and now that he isn't there it just isn't the same.
    Lool forward to eventually seeing pics. of your sewing.

  2. lovely picture. Dare I admit I don't understand cricket, but I do enjoy watching many of the players :)

  3. I am not really into cricket so I can not comment on that:) But I am totally into finding new interresting blogs! I really enjoyed reading yours!

    Hope you will get your camera back soon. I can totally understand the feeling when you do not have your camera as my husband once took it with him to Hong Kong... I am not giving it to him again!

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Thankyou for your kind thoughts. I appreciate and read everyone even though at times I may not be well enough to reply. Thankyou.