Monday, March 29, 2010

She's here!!!

And her room WAS ready.
The following photos were taken tonight and include many of the projects I have been working on for the last three weeks.
This is real decorating on a budget.
A lot of the furniture was either already in the room or in the garage but it has all, except for the bookshelf and the bedhead, been lathered in white paint. I didn't bother with the bookshelf because it is virtually the same colour as the walls and the paint tin is nearly empty. The bedhead, which was a tip shop purchase a few years ago, has been downstairs acting as a support for the basketball hoop and was given a refresher of black paint and two new nobs from Bunnings.
4litres Paint $16.95 from Bunnings
Black craft paint $6 from Kmart
2 wooden nobs for bed $13 from Bunnings
Packet wing nuts for replica cast iron chair $3.95 from Bunnings
2 Pillows $13 from Target
2 Pillow covers $10 from Kmart
Expensive Craft fabric for front pillow covers $26 from patchwork shop
Fabric for front of doona cover $22 from spotlight
Black dye for sheet and doona backing $6 from Kmart
Packet tissue paper for decoupage on bedside table $2 from Reject shop
Grand total for this room and including all the other painting of furniture and baskets, etc throughout the house is $118.90

The valance, which is slightly long was made from fabric in my stash that was actually earmarked for the op shop. It is leftover curtain fabric I picked up a couple of years ago from the remnant bin at our local curtain shop. I had an older sheet set that I dyed with black dye from Kmart for the fitted sheet and backing for the doona. DD1 loves that the colour turned out a lovely dove grey.

The little bedside table had seen better days but did not at all look good with a new coat of white on the top so I quickly washed it off. It looks so much better now with it's decoupaged top and the bonus is that it matches the doona cover.
This dirty clothes basket and all of it's contents are side of the road or skip bin pickups. The frames originally had pictures of greyhounds, etc but will look fabulous once my daughter has filled them with coordinating home made art works probably using her scrapbooking abilities.
I have tried to make a clock with the old cast iron look seat base but none of the clock hands seem to work. DD1 says that is alright because she likes the look but not the tick.
The little cupboard in the corner will be used as a TV stand. I found it at the recycling depot in Wodonga about four years ago and immediately fell in love with it because of the detailing on the bottom. It was originally black jappaned but it must have spent some time in the weather because the coating all came off as I washed it. Much easier than sanding. It then spent a number of years without any coating but has now been painted white as well. I didn't undercoat it but I actually like the look that comes with not doing so. The top is made from an old, old bed head which had it's legs removed. The brief was for black and white in this room but I rather like the way this looks so have left it as it was.
This poor chair had been pulled apart and dumped on the nature strip. It is just aluminium but still looks good. I just had to buy some wing nuts to reassemble it and of course it also received the white paint treatment as it was originally cream. The cushion was also made from stash materials.
The verdict:
"It's much better than I thought it would be!"


  1. Wow - you have put a lot of effort into this room - it looks great! Love the sidetable decoupage -great idea to hide any imperfections. I think you might just collapse onto the bed, if Daughter will let you!

  2. Wowee what bargains! I love a bit of repurposed furniture.

  3. The room looks great Cherrie! Have a great time with both of your girls now! xx

  4. Well I hope you feel really satisfied with yourself, what a great job you've done. Love the doona cover and pillows. And decoupage. Congratulations!!

  5. Holy moly - that's one amazing effort! Cannot believe the impact you get from $118.90. (stand tall and be chuffed, I say).

  6. This room looks great! Amazing what some paint and a geaorgous bedspread can do! Very Impressive, loving your vision!


Thankyou for your kind thoughts. I appreciate and read everyone even though at times I may not be well enough to reply. Thankyou.