Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another giraffe nappy bag

Another bag off the incredibly slow production line. I was asked for this one a couple of months ago, got nearly to the end, found there was a zip missing from my repertoire and promptly forgot about it.
Until a fortnight ago when the lady asked whether it could be finished by the 19th because the mum-to-be wanted to use it for her hospital baby supplies and the middle person was coming up to collect it on that date.
So in a mad flap I refound it and then proceeded to do everything to not get it finished. Afterall, a fortnight is 13/14 days and I had a wall to build, loads of washing to attack and I didn't even know where the sewing table was because it was buried under miles of other essential jobs.

That was how life went until yesterday.
Yesterday was the 19th and I hadn't done a thing except to buy the zip. I still didn't want to do it though.
The rebel inside said I needed to change my entire room around and maybe I still wouldn't have the time for it.
So I changed the room around, wandered off and had another long nap and finally at around 8:30 in the evening decided that in all honesty and fairness to my dear friend I had to get stuck into the final few seams.

Wouldn't you know it! I really enjoyed the process.
Sewing is fun.

I've used a heavy weight black backed curtain fabric from spotlight and lined it with a black and white alphabet cotton from the same shop. The straps should be long enough to hang over the pram handle. The flap has a preprinted giraffe panel and it closes with a magnetic snap.


  1. It's always the procrastination until the very last minute. I do the exact same thing!!
    Well done for getting it finished and off your list. I'm sure the new mum loves it.

  2. It is strange though how something that needs so be done is so hard to start and finish. Glad that you enjoyed it once you got going. The bag looks terrific.

  3. Oh dear another procrastinator ! I do the same thing and really stress myself out . Love the bag and I'm sure the mum will too !

  4. Nice to meet you, I didn't end up meeting eleesa but I met Debbie, I assume you know her and her lovely girls. I will be sure to add you to my stalking list... ;-)

  5. I just popped by to say hi!
    I noticed your fave movies and was wondering if youve seen 'The Family Stone'. You may really like it. The others are my favourites too!


Thankyou for your kind thoughts. I appreciate and read everyone even though at times I may not be well enough to reply. Thankyou.