Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stargate quilt

Sorry about the bad quality of the photos but at least the colours are totally true.
This is one bright quilt.
This quilt was pieced and appliqued about 4 years ago but never reached completion due to lots of reasons. Finally, I have found the impetus (I need more room in my house!) and a new person to give it too.
Quilting of any sort has always scared me but following on from a blog post I read last week or the one before (sorry! my forgettory is working overtime) I was inspired to just have a go.
It's random, not perfect by any means and the backing still has to go on but at least that part is finished. Now I just have to piece the backing and hand it over to it's new owner.
And if you're wondering why I called it the stargate quilt, it was inspired by the series but in a totally anti stargate way. The centre panel is a gate surrounded by a pieced star. ;)


  1. It's amazing - thank goodness it's found itself out of the cupboard and onto the finishing pile! x

  2. My goodness... there is a lot of work there!!! It looks amazing. So so very enchanting and wonderful - both the design and the colours. It is a real winner.

  3. It's gorgeous. I love the bright colours.


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