Monday, June 7, 2010

Time to say goodbye but it's all covered in the log book

And all the long miles for this lovely extended weekend away were recorded in my DD2's learners licence log book which is covered in scraps of Denyse Schmidt fabrics and some lace from the stash.


  1. What lovely photos ! That is the nicest log book I have ever seen .

  2. n't have learner licence log books when I learnt to drive in the UK. What a great record it will be and what a lovely log book it is too!!! Hope you're home safe and sound. x

  3. What a great cover for that log book! and beautiful photos. x

  4. Beautiful photographs! And what a sweet log book cover! :)

  5. We're about to do a long L-plater trip. Fourth one through, and the only one we've had to do with the huge 100+ hours. The last one we pushed to do her Ls so she'd scrape in with the 50 hours. my bad?
    And as for the 22 year old cooking. A win to you. I am hard pressed getting my 21 year old off the couch. The For Sale sign up out the front will be my final resort in getting her to move - that and the rest of the family told her this week she'd got fat.
    Well, it was true.

  6. The photos are beautiful. What camera did you use when you took them? Or was that something you did in a photo editing program? I love that they are long and seamless.


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