Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yummy vintage sheet bibs

As usual I forgot to take photos of the finished baby shower gifts on Saturday. It was lovely to hear all th 'ooh's though, especially for the cloth books. I was in good company because a couple of my friends also made the most beautiful handmade gifts.
Having been forced to think beyond bags I have discovered that I rather enjoy doing other sewing. Because I had lost my scissors on the train a few weeks ago I have been working with shonky paper ones and my pins have been annoying me because they also were seriously bad quality and generally refused to enter any fabric without a firm shove. Therefore, I only made one bib instead of the three I originally wanted to make. (Two really but one is the bin after repeated atempts to get it right using my rotary cutter and a bad sewing needle!)
But now, with new scissors and better (but still not great) pins, I have suddenly turned out four delicious looking bibs. Because the were made using the free Moda pattern I cannot put them in my shop but will almost definitely be making up my own pattern and them wizzing up some of these gorgeous items for sale.
I love the contrast between the colourful sheet and the white of the towelling on the back.

I am totally in love with some of the sheets I received from the Australian Vintage Sheet Fat Quarter Swap. Thanks Angie!
And then there are all the other sheets from last years swap just waiting to be brought out again. There is a double row in there with the best ones in the back I think.


  1. Love the bibs with the vintage sheets - very cute. I'm so envious of you who participated in the swap - alas I'm in NZ so couldn't join in. Will have to find a few fellow kiwis wanting to swap ... x

  2. these are so pretty - really motivated to seek out more vintage sheets now!

  3. The bibs are just gorgeous!
    I have a baby shower coming up, so I may pop over to see the free pattern and sew a couple for the Mom-to-be. :-)


  4. Very sweet bibs! And all that lovely fabric to play with.

  5. By the way, there's an award for you on my Framed blog:

    (P.S. I don't usually 'do' awards and I'm never offended if you don't choose to use it.)

  6. I always think the patterns on old sheets are lovely and if I find sheets the right size like to have them in the cupboard to use. They're rarely the right size but I have noticed the patterns making a return in the new ones... the ones I can't afford. Sigh. They look great as bibs, the vintage version, that is.
    Yes, my 19-year-old, I think you're right about providing the safe haven ... the rock. It's a lesson she's had to learn. She was out of home too fast, she grew up too fast. She was our sex, drugs and rock'n'roll child and she quite literally these days has her head in her hands at it all. Without saying "told you so", she's come to know "so".


Thankyou for your kind thoughts. I appreciate and read everyone even though at times I may not be well enough to reply. Thankyou.