Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy hour in my laundry

Today I am joining in with dorothybills happy hour.
My happy highlight for this week so far has definitely been on Tuesday when my laundry got a mini makeover.
I so wish I had taken photos of the before so you could see how unworkable it has been for the last 2 3/4 years.
I have no idea why, unless it was that she owned a twin tub, but the owner, during her stay here, decided to install a broom cupboard in part of the space where a normal washing machine would have gone.
The fact that the taps point that way and the tub door opens the other way agree with my reasoning.
Unfortunately the dryer bracket was above where the washing machine should have gone so that is where it was plonked when my kind friends helped me move in.
So what I had was a machine in front of the tub, where it still is and the dryer on the other side but raised up.
The tub was boxed in and basically useless for anything other than collect washing machine water and emptying the mop bucket into.
It has a lousy faucet, doesn't drip more than a few drops of hot water and was criss crossed in inlet pipes for the washer.
So no soaking or filling of buckets in my laundry.
It either had to be done next door in the kitchen or around the corner in the bathroom.
Not good.
Especially when DD1 came home and I started wrecking all of her designer labels.
In stepped a muscly friend and in no time the dryer was hanging over the other side and in a manner that allows me to still open the washing machine to it's full height.
Also the moist air now goes straight out the window instead of circulating and growing mould on the ceilings.
The hot water still only drips but most of the other problems are fixed.
No longer do the clothes horse, vacuum cleaner and bucket and mop need to do contortions to fit in the same space.
No longer do I need to open the other ridiculous, aged linen press (that should be facing into the hallway not pinching room in my laundry) to get the soaker or other constantly used items out.
I was able to hang an old laundry shelf from my previous home and can now even enjoy looking at some decorations when I enter.
The friend pulled the inlet hoses out of the way (naturally I could have done that too if it would have gained me anything!!) and the tub is free for soaking and handwashing purposes because I can stand in front of it, on the side, if you know what I mean.
Because there is no seperate outlet hole for the washing machine water and because I would never remember to lift the buckets in use outy of the tub, I invested in this little plant stand on wheels from the reject shop for a whole three dollars.
Now I can do everything I want in my little room.
I am so happy.
Wouldn't you know it!
In the process of moving the dryer across, the ceiling light was gently bumped out of alignment and now the socket has crumbled.
Perfect laundry.
No light.

Hope you've had a happy hour this week too.


  1. A good laundry is a happy-making thing!

    We scrapped our laundry when we renovated - it was getting the best sunshine of all the rooms in the house! Now we just have a laundry 'cupboard', and a nice big kitchen. It works pretty well but I do pine for laundry 'room' sometimes...

    Have a lovely weekend. And thanks for popping over to my blog,


  2. I feel happy for you from way over here. Your delight is palpable, x

  3. I always leave the laundry clean up to last when moving, you are going to be washing up a storm now, pretty curtains too!!

    Thanks so much for playing along with me this week!

  4. Sweet, sweet relief. A functioning laundry is sooooo nice. Sorry about the light fitting. Maybe you'll find a replacement next time you go opping? :-)
    Have a great weekend,
    Anne xx


Thankyou for your kind thoughts. I appreciate and read everyone even though at times I may not be well enough to reply. Thankyou.