Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Flown the Coop

Many years ago, when I was seven and living in Bundaberg, I realised that I was a neglected child who did not own a teddy bear. 
My brother did.
One of those collectible real leather koalas that was probably given to him when we arrived in Australia. 
He would have been 21 months and worthy of a toy but the 3 month old me wouldn't have appreciated it.
Fast track to those days in Bundaberg when I realised my lack. 
I nagged my poor Mum for one. She couldn't afford it but ended up finding me a hand made penguin.
About ten inches tall, black and white with yellow felt feet and beak.
I'm not sure where Pengy is now but he gave me heaps of happiness, mostly just twirling him on his wings. 
I do know that his beak and feet were stretched to pieces but he still was strong enough to spend time with my children and give them love.
That's why I know that, despite the fact that these are not fashionable softies, they should make someone happy.
Twirling between their wings and gazing gently into their eyes.


  1. They a fantastic!!! Such lovely colours! You've done a sterling job and I'm so very, very grateful. Loved the Pengy story too :) x

  2. They're absolutely gorgeous Cherrie. I'd already fallen in love when you showed the vintage fabrics, but these turned out even more adorable than I'd imagined.
    There are going to be some very happy kiddies snuggling those birdies.

  3. Cherie these little bird softies are gorgeous. I love the colours and the design.
    I'm in W.A. now, haven't seen any snakes yet! :)
    Anne xx

  4. Ah, you're a good egg. They're beautiful.

  5. Beautiful! These all have such character, I love them.

  6. Your birdies are great! I can see how you get excited with scraps. Love these!


Thankyou for your kind thoughts. I appreciate and read everyone even though at times I may not be well enough to reply. Thankyou.