Saturday, February 19, 2011

Keeping the Status Quo

According to an on-line dictionary 'status quo' is defined as 
"the existing state of affairs (at a particular time)" 
"the situation as it currently exists."
And that is what I am working hard on doing.
Just keeping my home at the level that it is.
Keep the dishes done, the washing finished fairly regularily and the floors not getting totally out of hand
O and the dining table cleared.
That's a big thing in itself sometimes because our home is so tiny that it often becomes the dumping ground for everything from folding to schoolwork to shopping.
Right now that is "the situation as it currently exists" and that I need to work on maintaining.
Nothing more and nothing less, hopefully.

Anything else is extra and wonderful but not required.
My energy levels keep dropping so I have to focus almost soley on my little home and family.

Whenever I feel too washed out to do anything, I remember that small phrase "keep the status quo" and I know that is all I have to accomplish.
And it works because I am not putting extra burdens on myself by requiring more than I can do.  Do you have any personal phrases that keep you sane? 



  1. Sometimes all you can do is the plod of every day life. It's so relentless that adding anything extra threatens to bring the whole pile down. I get it.

    My personal phrase that gets me through most things is: This too shall pass.

    And the one that gets me going again: Time passes, regardless.


  2. Mine is not so much a phrase as a plan of action- if I feel very overwhelmed I concentrate on the one task that is most important in the moment. I don't allow myself to worry about all the tasks in the queue behind it. When the first job is finished, I make an assessment of which now has the highest priority and concentrate on that. Well, that's the theory anyway and if I manage it, it keeps me semi-sane.

    Hope your energy levels pick up for you soon. xx

  3. When I drop something, to help me stop myself running to pick it up in a panic, I say; "It won't fall any further".

  4. Thank you for coming by and visiting my blog! Have you ever tried I love FlyLady. Her system of routines is perfect for keeping my head above water. It's a very gentle, forgiving approach, too.

  5. Other than 'Knit" followed by 'Purl' and maybe with an occasional 'Yarn Over', I do not have any such sanity-causing phrases. However, I shall try borrowing yours come the morning...


Thankyou for your kind thoughts. I appreciate and read everyone even though at times I may not be well enough to reply. Thankyou.