Monday, February 14, 2011

Dr Zhivago in Sydney

It will reach you from the third or fourth scene.
And hold you till the end.
Even without Anthony Warlow, who injured himself minutes before the first preview, this show is a masterpiece.

Hats off to Anton Berezin for a wonderful performance. 
He may not have been up to scratch on the first night (knowing all the scores but not all his placements), but bearing in mind that what we saw was actually a preview to the world premiere he did great to be flawless by his second go. 
Maybe Berezin could even BE Dr Zhivago? 
He certainly was mine.

I hated the intermission but it was needed to change scenery as the story relocates from the streets of Moscow to rural Russia.

The music is also noteworthy and is sure to sell once it makes the CDs.

The Lyric Theatre in Sydney's Star City has perfect sound and stageworkings but from what I could make out is a fire trap. 
There was no clear signage anywhere as to how to enter or leave. 
The elevators were overloaded with people hoping to find the right floor and the casino, which is where we landed has no obvious way out. Very disappointing and also rather distressing to have to mingle with depressed people senselessly wasting their money right after such a profound show.

In other news, the trip to Rozelle Markets was fun.
I found this vintage vase for a friend, another non-matching chair for around my dining table and sundry other items, including clothes and cloth.

A lovely weekend in Sydney. 
Thankyou Kara!

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