Saturday, May 7, 2011

Co-ordinated travel folder and camera case.

I wonder if I can remember, between now and the next time I make a camera case, that the real trick is to make the flap seperately and insert it before the final seam.
I'm sure that would make for a neater finish as well as allowing for a better padding than  was used this time.
Maybe 11cm wide instead of the 10 I used too.
mmm. Must try to remember. 
I did manage to line the flap with a thin fabric while the rest of the case has a fine velour so that it doesn't scratch the camera.

It's funny that my daughter is not really a red person because it is the common colour for all of her little bits.
But maybe it's because she has been thinking about the Big Apple all along. 

All homemade items from the stash.
Magnetic clasp pinch from last camera case attempt.

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  1. What lovely gifts, and how exciting that she is off on such a big trip!


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