Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Curbside boutique shopping list

OK So this what I threw out.
Loads of worn out stuff from the dog motel under my house, and miles of rust. I graciously offered my friends any amount of rust they wanted, but only for this week, but they all refused.
Funny that.

Anyway I thought it was time to clear out as much as I could, especially in view of the fact that my kids want me to move again in a couple of months if we can find a landlord kind enough to take our three little dogs as well as us and the rent. 

I was intending to be a good girl and not bring anything home and I believe I showed remarkable restraint.
I left behind a vintage bassinette complete with stand and tray underneath, loads of carved table legs that could always be used for something, two painted lattices with frames and even a huge peg board.
How good is that?!
Then there were the other two white cane chairs with suss bottoms and some possible vintage suitcases, white concrete planters and I dread to think what else.
O yes. There was that gorgeous stripped old dresser minus it's mirror and some picture frames I managed to ignore.
I think I had better not dwell too long on all those lost goodies or I might have to have a little cry because I know their fate is the crusher truck.

For my memory - the list of goodies found:

*2 humungous, perfect clay pots with saucers for an eighty year old friends garden
*1 perfect wave board to be shared by everyone
*2 large baskets for me
*1 big pink cane toy box with attached lid - not sure who for yet
*1 cane picnic basket in perfect condition sans the dishes
*1 white cane decorative planter basket for me
*4 different leather or leather type bags including a Gladstone style one - probably to be sold, possibly on ebay

*2 heavy metal dining style chairs in wrought iron for me - must keep them out of the rain so they don't rust
*1 perfect, virtually new, white cane chair to add to my collection but being minded by a special friend who doesn't want the big dog downstairs to wreck it (!)
*1 vintage treadle base (the rest is going to be removed as it is already falling to pieces), slightly rusty - but who cares - it's a Singer

 *1 already stripped vintage small table to  be used as a gardening table for now - seen here with items from past shopping sprees

*1 el-cheapo style milk tin with lid - I just love milk pails so this one will have to do

I've left the best for last.
I surreptiously stripped these covers from a ruined parker chair on the outskirts of town.  only to see newer style fabric underneath. 
Somebody went to great lengths to cover these with gorgeous fabric then threw them out before there were any major signs of wear. Lucky me!


  1. Wow Cherrie, you've been having a wonderful time. Sounds like the "Curbside Boutique" has been very good to you. :)
    Anne xx

  2. Wow! What a haul! You're going to have so much fun sorting through all that and cleaning it up.

    The fabric in the last photo is beautiful.

    Good work!

  3. Oh wow! What a haul!
    My council only has the private pick up service now. It sucks.

  4. Lady, you have one amazing eye...(well two - you know what I mean)

  5. Oh, I wish we still had 'hard rubbish day'. There's only been one here and it was such a success (for the people cruising around in cars) that they never did it again!

  6. You obviously have a knack to finding treasure. I would never of thought to look under the existing fabric on a chair!

  7. Ha ha (to Tania's comment)
    Sounds like fun. I cant wait for council pick-up here this time around. I have so much to throw away!


  8. You've been having a wonderful time! What a haul!

    Silver MLM

  9. I love that the perpetual exercise bike is off to the left of the pic. If I had a dollar for everytime I saw one of thse in the garbage collection I'd be a wealthy girl.
    Marcasite has an allure, I agree. I must admit, I didn't check for missing chips. I'll have a better look when I get home.


Thankyou for your kind thoughts. I appreciate and read everyone even though at times I may not be well enough to reply. Thankyou.