Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tutorial - easy peasy storage drawer

Materials needed

1 top shelf from any fridge so long as it already has a drawer



1. Preheat oven to 140C
2. Remove all rosemary leaves, bits of cheese, etc that may linger after turning it upside down over the bin.
3. Clean item in warm/hot soapy water or with whichever method you might normally use to clean it.
4. After rinsing and double checking for unwanted pieces left in hard to find crevices allow to dry for half an hour, turning frequently to drip all water out.
5. Switch oven off.
6.Place clean teatowel on oven rack so that plastic will not melt and stick to it.
6. Place item in oven on towel. There may still be a few drops of water left but that is not a problem as these will quickly evaporate. 
7. As I forgot to time the process I cannot say for sure how long this will take. Let intuition be your guide and check back every couple of hours.
8. When completed to your satisfaction remove from oven.

Cost: $55 plus postage and handling.
This will not be available in my madeit shop but purchase is available via this blog.
For a reduced price please quote the word "stupid".

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  1. Ah the joys of thermoplastic plastic rather than thermosetting ones! Unfortunately the only way for most people to work it out is "the hard way" as you have found. Crud :-(

  2. Bummer!! I do love your new background!!

  3. I'm confused (..what's new lol) why was this in the oven...?

  4. oh no! did you find a replacement!


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