Thursday, December 15, 2011

Corners of my home

Today Kate spoke about her home being a Copper Art home. Now I don't for a moment believe that to be really true but I guess many of us can identify with starting our homes with stock, standard decorating ideas.
There is no real reason though why we should continue to be crowd followers if we don't want to. 
I've used my very dodgy camera to point and shoot a few corners of my home to prove that it doen't need to take a lot of money to make a home feel individual.

Shoe cupboard $5  garage sale 
Picture $1 op shop 
Small table free curbside 
Basket from my childhood 
Table free curbside find
Doily $1 op shop
Jug $3 op shop
Table from ebay $200 including 6 chairs some of which are no longer with us
Various chairs from op shop or garage sale - most expensive $15

China cabinet free from friend
Pretties from ebay, op shops or garage sales.
Only the cats were bought new.
One jug bought new.
The other one thrifted.
Lavender left over from days gone by when I had more money than sense.


  1. What great photos - I totally love unmatching furniture. One of these days I'm definitely throwing out my matching dining chairs for a lovely set of old unmatching ones.
    PS - that shoe cupboard is ingenious!

  2. Love,love,love seeing your corners of such finds and the story behind them.
    You have chosen the nicest furniture, Cherrie! Or did it choose you?

    Isnt it astounding to see how much there is to be had on the roadside? I had to stop myself from driving around this time cos we are at maximum capacity here.

  3. I love all those beautiful corners. The continuing theme of white jugs is really nice.... next white jug I see at the oppy is going to be mine :-)


Thankyou for your kind thoughts. I appreciate and read everyone even though at times I may not be well enough to reply. Thankyou.