Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I bought an iron today.

So this is my story. It's not about high powered irons or the most that money can buy. It's just about me and irons and what I like.
I like Sunbeam irons. I always have. Maybe it's my Mum's fault. Maybe it's because that was the best iron around when I was a kid. I don't know. I just like their feel and the shape of their sole plate. They fit. I don't have to get used to another shape. I don't have to spend time thinking: "I hate this iron". I can just get straight down and start using it.
Of course the only time I like using irons for is sewing. Ironing clothes. Pffft. I hate that. Ask anyone who knows me, especially my kids.
So. I bought an iron. Why? Because I have a feeling the old one was dropped a number of times and then when I moved some loving soul laid it down flat in the laundry cupboard onto some sort of corrosive material that buckled the teflon. 
Since then ironing, even for sewing, has been a nightmare. I've had to go out in freezing (note as low as 20 degrees at least) weather and rain and dark to turn the electricity back on at the power box because the iron kept shorting  the power supply. That means I got yelled at (metaphorically speaking) by everyone in my house because their TV/computer switched off. No good.The only way I could stop the shorting was by having virtually no water in the iron.
And that my friends is a calamity. Because I am a steam freak. That's right. I am completely sold on steam doing the trick It's the only thing I ask for in an iron. As well as a shot of sparay too. O and a non stick sole plate. Just simple things like that. Only apparently those things were not simple once upon a time. I remember buying my first iron for a whopping $80 just so I could get those simple tricks. Then my husband proceeded to throw it in a fit of temper and I had to make do with just a spray iron. Or was it just a steam/no spray iron,. I can't remember. But it was either one or the other.  And I've had to learn to live with cleaning the sole plate in between every second swipe with the iron because I could not afford all three gimmicks in the one iron. It was just too pricey.
Which brings me to today.
Today I bought a new iron with 6 different steam settings, shot of spray, special platinum non stick sole plate all for $49. Did I tell you it also has a 15 min automatic cut off if I forget or neglect to switch it off. My husband would have loved that. Pity he didn't stick around for the latest in standard iron technology that even his temper could have left me affording.
Subeam Ultura 70 


  1. Love Sunbeam, i have the factory outlet close to me, so always get a bargain! Yep, a good iron is the best!

  2. i may just get the same one then cos mine got dropped the other week and has the top of the point broken off so all of my fabrics get pulled and wrecked and today I sewed with silks. Scream!
    Good review Cherrie, x

  3. hey! i just recently bought myself a new iron too. as you know, the other one leaked. i have learned just how important pressing really is:) hope all is well with you!


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